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"Water sounds to me like my own blood"
José Val del Omar

Granada is a city of intense contrasts that glow against whitewashed walls, a universe of life among gardens, alley ways, fountains, reminiscences of the Orient that seem to dance for vision as in a mirage. It is the radiant light of nothingness and the colour that flows from it, that moistens, resists and languishes; and always the white of origin, the ritual white of the primer that extends under the sun.

Begoña Rentero is aware of the plasticity of light that must be decomposed in order to create the world. In her visual art, sensuality and illusion go hand in hand: the colourful tint that inhabit spaces, the forms, and the illusion that seems to float over mirrors. The artist wants to influence this colourist offering, releasing the limits of the gaze and introducing a note of slight transience. This is the meeting point between plenary sensation and a sense of flight.

Reflections on ponds, dissolution of forms, waves, that skin of unreality that trembles at the passing of a breeze, and on which precipitate the architectural, vegetal universe; the changing skies, everything that, multiplying, seems to enjoy itself. The joy of life is in her paintings, the joy of the impalpable flesh of the world, a harmony of intense colours, provocative and irreconcilable with each other. In a purely intuitive order of direct brushstrokes, chaos opens itself as a scratch.

The artist has chosen water and oil pigments as two routes of initiation. Water is the soul of Granada. Her brush scatters water and ink with amazing drive, spontaneous emotion and intuition nurtured from the eye, the gaze, and moves the hand like a witness giving testimony to astonishment. The overflowing colour navigates the white of paper leaving organic steles making Begoña's whites as dramatic as the colour that nourishes them.

In her oil paintings, there is also vast clarity, which is at once depth and not, opening reflecting grooves under enamel brushstrokes. Inevitably, they transport us to remote impressionist aspirations. However, these aesthetic allusions have crossed the threshold of fauvism into a unique style of subtle, generous harmonization, in dialectical contrast with a condensed, vibrant, visionary language that only appears carefree. The artist is directed towards synthesis, to the moment of catharsis, the decisive moment.

Contemplating Granada is always an initiatory act. From her intimate experience with this magical environment, she invites us to a shared enjoyment, because Begoña Rentero has profoundly penetrated the rhythm, the passing aura of the orchestration. The scenery is of water and sky, of cypresses that rise to sink their roots in the own reflection, on earthy paths and lustful fountains. It is in the melancholic pulse of the southern afternoons, along the lonely streets where one feels a placid remoteness.

Illusion, mirror, dream and voluptuousness. In these works of art, there are always basic elements for the delight and joy of living, as if we were contemplating an imaginary city for the very first time that we would have already visited in our dreams. That fleeting vision still shines.

Francisco Sotomayor

You can visit the exhibition at El Ladrón del Agua Hotel, Carrera del Darro, 13
18010 Granada (Spain)
From December 7 | 2017 to January 29 | 2018
Opening Thursday December 7, 19:00h.


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